Saturday, January 17, 2009



After you have sign up, the first thing you should do is to update your data, click on "Account" in your navigation bar, fill out your data then set "Approve Friends" into "Automatic". More friends you have more popular is your Profile. More popular is your Profile more money you make with impressions and clicks.


After successfully updating your data, you may have to click back "Account" again to add your profile photo. Add the real you, not just photo of a dog or cat or some animated pictures, it is very important that people would see who you are so they could easily associate with you. But if you intent to keep your identity private, then just upload avatar or something, much better than nothing at all, but no obscene pictures please.


Confirming your email address is also important, click on "Statistics" in your navigation bar, at the bottom of the page you can find "Account's Information" box and confirm your email there, pay attention also on "My Referral Links" box, these are your URL links that bears your ID number:

Main Referral Link
Franchise Broker application
Franchise Request Form
Member Sign-up Form
Lady Luck
Custom Search Engine


Start making few friends for a start, say 10 friends would be enough for the "meantime" and the best way to find and add friends is from the "Most Active" in the "Make New Friends" box in your profile page for a very obvious reason. After you have gone through below, you may continue adding as many friends as you can.


Go to the "Extended Menu" link on your main page and click on "Show" then click the link "Profile advertising" in your "Business" box. Once on that page it will have the names of the units, click one by one start buttons until it changes to STOP in red links.


After you successfully added profile image, confirming your email address and get few friends, it is just right to start the ball rolling in your earnings. You can start with advertising campaign. In your main page, click on "Statistic" in navigation bar, then Activate Sponsor Account.

You got $15, remember? This is the funds you will use for your advertising campaign. How you'll start it? as follows:

1) login into your account 2) after that, on your welcome page you'll see the button/textual link START 3) click on START and wait few seconds - link will change to red color STOP. And that's it. You started your advertising campaign. 4) then Wait 24 hours after and check if your account is working correctly.

If you want to stop advertising campaign you can click link STOP and it'll change to blue START. But there's no need to stop it. And here's hint:

- as Regular Member you can transfer earned funds after one month.
• as Elite Member you can transfer earned funds daily (and these funds you can transfer to your main account and then withdraw or, again into your advertising account). It's your choice what to do with this - here you have various income streams, but for beginner is the best way to invest it in advertising account again - because your daily income grows rapidly.

Just remember this, "The higher your Advertising Account fund is, the higher your daily earnings would be."

Now let us continue with your other details, click on "Profile" button on the navigation bar. Edit and update about yourself, tell something about who you are, what you do, just about anything, make it interesting if possible but not necessarily as long as visitors on your page may get to know even just a little more about yourself.

Update and show your other business or activities in "My Other Websites" link, if you have any, who knows, a visitor might be interested in one your other programs.

Moving on to the boxes below. (Understanding some key features)

Under "Contacts"

Add to Friends - This is the tool you will use when you are on a certain member's profile to request or to add the member.

Send Message - This is the tool you will use when you are on a certain member's profile to leave your message.

Rank Member - This is the tool you will use when you are on a certain member's profile to rate a member. I suggest to always rate a member if you happen to be on the members profile page, but don't expect to be rated as well in response, this may sound unfair on your part, but isn't it nice when you give someone something without expecting any in return? just think you did something great, no amount could ever compensate for having a great feelings! Be a giver not a receiver.

Popular Web Sites - This is where you could view Franchise/Lease City & Economy Units of popular websites, its number of times visited, revenues and you can likewise rate these websites.

Add to Favorites - This one can be consider also as a sign up link for any visitor on your profile page.

Inbox - This is where you can view your messages. You inbox, sent*, compose message for all your friends or referrals or any individual member and likewise if you do have questions or message for the Admin, then the link "Help" is what you will use.

Photos** - This is where you could upload your pictures, if you want to share some pictures to your friends and visitors, you may create albums if you want to and and put into groups your picture accordingly.

Wink - This is a good way of attracting member's attentions on you.

• Elite Members can send message to "All Friends" and "All Referrals" in one settings while Regular Members will have to send it individually.
•* Currently not yet available.

Under "Submit"

Blogs - This is where you can create you blogs. Creating blogs is a good way to increase your popularity.

Forums - This is where you can start a forum, if you don't want to start a forum, then just participate, you may post reply or comment, you can also find in these forums some of the answers if not all, to the questions you have in your mind.

Press Releases - If you have some announcement to make, submit it here, there's a lot of categories to choose from, according to the field of your subject.

Classifieds - Post your adverts here, also according to its category.

Under "Make New Friends"

Here in this box where you will find members who are: Online, Most Active and the New Members, I highly suggest to add as many friend as you can. And the best kind of member to add are from these informations.

Next box is where you will see who your friends are, but only the top 25 of your choice are shown, to see all your friends, you must click the link "All (number of your friends) Contact" at the bottom on this box.

The last box on your profile page is your Comment Section. Plain text or Graphic Comments using HTML codes is acceptable on this section.

So these are the things you will find in your profile page and the step by step procedure on how you should start up with Qyao.